David Eisenhower

Communication and Public Service

An undergraduate concentration administered by the Institute for Public Service at the Annenberg School for Communication

I invite you to be part of an initiative that provides opportunities to participate in our common civic life while learning about the democratic public sphere. This exciting initiative, Communication and Public Service (ComPS), is offered as a unique undergraduate concentration in the Communication major. It is sponsored by the School’s Institute for Public Service (IPS).

Walter Annenberg, founder of the Annenberg School for Communication, devoted his life to serving the American people and encouraging others to do the same. The School is committed to the view that a healthy and vibrant democratic life requires commitment to public service and public affairs by informed citizens as officeholders, public servants and advocates, professionals, business leaders, and journalists who care for the public interest. As you read through this brochure, I challenge you to think about what contributions you might make to our national common life as a civic-minded leader in one or more of these capacities.

The ComPS concentration will engage students in a public service dialogue through a special program that combines individual research opportunities with hands-on experience in the public arena. Classes, seminars, internships, field experiences, and individual research projects will provide students with opportunities to meet and learn from current and former officeholders, journalists, and public servants who have been leaders in government and the institutions of civil society.

This program will connect scholarship to practical experience in a way that encourages creative engagement with possibilities for citizen action. Participating students will gain fundamental knowledge and experience for careers in public service and public advocacy.

As director of IPS, I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to welcoming talented students to join me and the Annenberg faculty in building a commitment to public service that will last a lifetime.


David Eisenhower
Director, Institute for Public Service

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