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New book chapter by Prof. Klaus Krippendorff, Ph.D.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Klaus Krippendorff, Ph.D.

Klaus Krippendorff, PH.D., the Gregory Bateson Professor of Cybernetics, Language, and Culture has published a book chapter, “Representation, Re-presentation, Presentation, and Conversation (pages 143 – 159) in F. Cooren and A. Letourneau (Eds.) (Re)presentation an Dialogue.
About the chapter:
This book chapter critically examines the mindless use of “representation” in academic literature and introduces several distinctions among experiential practices associated with using that word. It links the common use of “representation” to the abstract/objectivist/monological theory of language, which is elaborated in contemporary linguistics (Chomsky) and semiotics. By shifting from that theory of language to dialogical and constructive conceptions, the door opens to more fruitful ways of seeing what is involved. The paper was originally presented at a 2011 conference on “Representation and Dialogue” in Montreal where it challenged prevailing conception.

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