Beyond the Classroom

Once you receive your Annenberg doctoral degree, your career opportunities will be rewarding. In the last ten years approximately 71 percent of our graduates have accepted positions in higher education and 16 percent are working in industry and corporate positions. The other opportunities our graduates have pursued are in health care, government, non-profit organizations and cultural institutions.

Annenberg’s informal curriculum provides multiple points of learning. Students can mingle with faculty over coffee in the atrium of the main building; they enjoy a stimulating conversation while taking a lunch break during an international seminar in Jordan, or they are work hand-in-hand on leading-edge research projects.

In addition to the faculty, Annenberg is fortunate to frequently host academics, key policymakers, and business leaders. Activities in the Annenberg Public Policy Center, Center for Global Communication Studies, Center for Excellence in Cancer Communication, and Scholars Program in Culture & Communication consistently provide stimulating lectures, conferences, and opportunities for discourse. In addition, our students receive generous funding to present papers at major conferences in the United States and around the world. Not to be underestimated are the opportunities that students have to talk to their peers. The students at the Annenberg School are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

Part of Penn

The University of Pennsylvania campus is a crossroads for some of the most exciting intellectual talent in the world, and Annenberg is the world’s leading think-tank on communication. This provides unparalleled quality of life.

All of Penn's 12 schools are located within walking distance of one another. This geographical unity, unique among Ivy League schools, supports and fosters Penn's interdisciplinary approach to education, scholarship, and research.

With 165 research centers and institutes, research is a substantial and esteemed enterprise at Penn. As of fiscal year 2010, the research community includes over 3,800 faculty and over 1,000 postdoctoral fellows, over 5,400 academic support staff and graduate assistants, and a research budget of $814 million. The scale and interdisciplinary character of our research activities make Penn a nationally-ranked research university.

Part of Philadelphia

The Annenberg School for Communication is located in a city within a city. As a part of the University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg is located within the heart of the University City section of Philadelphia, an exciting mix of research-focused higher education, retail, shopping, and urban living. But Annenberg also is a part of Philadelphia, one of the most historic and livable cities in the country. This unique combination of college environment and leading urban life provide a means for our students and faculty to enjoy both campus life, and the expansive historic and cultural offerings of the city.

We encourage you to explore what the City of Philadelphia has to offer.