Annenberg doctoral students, from left, Tara Liss-Marino, Jeffrey A. Gottfried, and Nora Draper

Graduate Studies at Annenberg:
Fully Funded

All of our doctoral program students receive four years of financial support including a nine-month Research or Teaching Fellowship stipend, medical coverage, and a waiver of University tuition. At the dissertation stage all students are eligible for a twelve month Dissertation Research Fellowship to help complete the degree. It is important to note that this program is a fulltime program and our students cannot be employed elsewhere while enrolled at Annenberg.

Funding is contingent upon full-time enrollment, sound academic progress, and satisfactory performance as a Teaching or Research Fellow. These fellowships are designed to help provide students with an opportunity to become leaders in their field of study, as well as provide well-deserved recognition for their work. Each semester, Annenberg students are assigned to work as either teaching or research fellows, depending on the students’ interests and the needs of the program and faculty with whom they work. The goal is to train students for various aspects of academic and professional careers in communication research. Although the frequency of teaching and research may differ among students, all are required to participate in a mix of both activities.

Additional financial resources available for graduate students include:

  • Travel money presenting papers at conferences,
  • Summer research funding opportunities with our faculty are available to all Research and Teaching Fellows
Our goal is to use the resources of the Annenberg School to enable students to carry out and disseminate research at the highest possible level. There is no separate financial aid form for Annenberg applicants. Funding is not considered until after the decision to admit is made.