Graduating With Honors

Outstanding students in communication may elect to pursue an honors option. Graduating with Honors requires superior performance in communication classes, as well as the completion of a senior honors thesis. The thesis is undertaken in the last semester of the senior year and provides a capstone intellectual experience for students of demonstrated academic achievement.

Fashina Mira Adale (C ’11) receives the C. Nicole Dickerson Award,
given in memory of undergraduate adviser C. Nicole Dickerson,
from Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini.

Graduation with Honors in Communication requires the following:
1. Completion of all regular requirements for the major.
2. A cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher in all University of Pennsylvania courses.
3. Completion of an approved honors thesis (Comm 499) with a grade of “A-minus” or higher.

How to Apply
Students interested in pursuing the honors option are strongly encouraged to discuss their curriculum with Alison Berstecher, Director of Student Services and Registrar, as early as possible in their course of studies. Permission to register for Comm 499 (Senior Honors Thesis) requires a minimum cumulative average of 3.50 at the time of registration, careful advance planning, consultation with potential faculty supervisors, agreement from a faculty member to supervise the thesis, and formal approval of the School.

When to Apply
No later than the middle of the term preceding the thesis semester, the student must obtain an agreement from a member of the standing faculty in Communication to supervise the thesis. The student must also prepare an original, written proposal outlining the questions for research, a review of literature, proposed evidence, and methods of inquiry. Where the proposed thesis builds on work completed in a previous course, a copy of this work must be submitted with the thesis proposal. Thesis proposal forms can be obtained from the Undergraduate Office or from the Annenberg School’s web site (click here to download a copy). The proposal must be signed by the supervising faculty member and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and received by the Undergraduate Office by the deadline specified in the semester preceding the thesis semester.

Honors thesis proposal form is also available in PDF form. Click here to download PDF.