Undergraduate Awards

Graduating majors in Communication are eligible for a number of awards presented annually at a commencement ceremony for majors. These include the following:

James D. Woods Award presented in memory of Annenberg graduate student James D. Woods. This award is granted to an outstanding graduate teaching assistant.

Communication and Public Service (Eisenhower) Award recognizes a graduating senior who is part of the Communication and Public Service program and has completed an outstanding honors thesis on a topic related to either public policy or public service issues.

George Gerbner Award honors the School’s former Dean (1964 – 1989) and is presented to a graduating senior for the honors thesis that best demonstrates an original and comprehensive application of both research skills and a thorough understanding of communication scholarship.

The Charles Morris Price Prize acknowledges an outstanding graduating senior in the communication major who, in the view of the departmental faculty, has most distinguished him or herself through a combination of academic excellence, research accomplishments, and/or other achievements contributing to the department’s academic objectives.

The C. Nicole Dickerson Award, named in memory of undergraduate adviser C. Nicole Dickerson, the Annenberg School’s award for public service is given to a graduating communication major who has made a significant contribution to our neighbors in the West Philadelphia community.

Honorable Walter H. Annenberg Award, named in honor of the School’s founder, this award is granted to the student who has strengthened and improved the University of Pennsylvania’s student community through his or her communication service activities.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson Award honors the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average in the major.

Phyllis C. Kaniss Award is presented in memory of Phyllis C. Kaniss, former Assistant Dean and Adjunct Faculty Member of the Annenberg School for Communication. This award will be presented to a graduating communication major who has demonstrated a commitment to civic participation. The criteria for civic participation includes meaningful involvement in actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern. Involvement can include participation as an individual or as part of an organized community. Organizational involvement can include cultural, charitable, political, or government groups. Preference will be given to those participating in student government or working for student-run media such as The Daily Pennsylvanian.