2010 graduate Yanik Ruiz-Ramon

Research Opportunities

Students have opportunities to participate in research through their coursework and/or assistance in Annenberg School affiliated research projects.

All students must complete a research methods course in order to complete major requirements. The purpose of the course is to provide a basic introduction to the principles and techniques of social research. More information on how to complete the requirement can be found under major requirements.

Students may elect to enroll in COMM399- Communication Independent Study. Registration into COMM399 requires agreement of supervising faculty member and approval of Undergraduate Office. The independent student offers self-motivated students an opportunity for a tailored, academically rigorous, semester-long investigation into a topic of the student’s choice with faculty supervision.

A variety of other communication course offerings also include research as an integral part of the course’s learning objectives.

Lastly, opportunities to participate in research are often advertised through the undergraduate list serve. Students may also inquire at the Undergraduate Office about openings.