Study Abroad and Transfer Credit

How to Apply for Credit

Study Abroad: Students seeking communication credit for courses completed while abroad

Transfer: Students who either are transferring to the University of Pennsylvania or will be enrolled at another university during the summer session and wish to receive communication credit for courses taken elsewhere.

Receiving credit for courses taken abroad cannot be guaranteed. Any student planning to take a communication course while abroad or away during summer session should discuss their plans with Alison Berstecher, Director of Student Services. Receiving credit for communication courses taken at another college or university requires approval by the Annenberg School for Communication. Credit is granted only for courses judged comparable in scope and general focus to those typically offered by the Annenberg School. Some courses offered as communication courses elsewhere (e.g., advertising or literature) may be more appropriately considered for credit by another school or department at the University of Pennsylvania. Students may only count three (3) communication credits from another college or university toward their major.

To officially request transfer credit, students must login to XCAT (External Course Approval Tool) and submit all course syllabi and other supporting materials from the previous institution. Students who do not obtain approval before registering for a communication course are at risk of not receiving study abroad credits to fulfill major requirements. Evaluation of a current and complete syllabus of the course is required for final approval and may be submitted upon the student’s return. Syllabi should include complete list of assigned readings, weekly discussion topics of discussions, and all instructions for projects and assignments. All submitted course materials must be submitted in English. Course materials that are not in English must be translated by the students before submission. Approved course credit will be counted toward a student’s intermediate major requirements. Students may also receive elective credit, which will count towards their degree requirements. . Students seeking advanced major credit must bring forth a final paper and syllabus for the course to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies for review. Requests should be made in a timely fashion. During busy times of the year immediate responses to requests cannot be guaranteed.

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