Eminence Through Diversity

Audience at Annenberg School Convocation

The Annenberg School is committed to faculty, student, and staff diversity for normative, intellectual, and practical reasons. Normatively we believe that building and maintaining a diverse community is our social responsibility, especially as it concerns members of groups that have been historically underrepresented in many parts of our society, including the academy. Beyond the important issues of equity and social justice, however, we believe that a diverse community makes us stronger in performing our core research, teaching, and service missions. Here we expand our notion of diversity to include things ranging from demographic characteristics that go beyond gender, race, and ethnicity (e.g., age, nationality, sexual identification), to personal attitudes and beliefs (e.g., religion, politics), to scholarly orientations and experiences (e.g., rank, disciplinary background, substantive areas of inquiry, methodological approaches). Taking these and other notions of diversity seriously expands the pool of exceptional faculty and staff hires and of exceptional student applicants; encourages the asking of new research questions; widens the range of courses we offer; provides role models for our students; opens new opportunities for placing our graduates; and generally helps create a more vibrant intellectual and social community. This is especially true for a field as substantively and methodologically diverse, and as impacted by globalization and the changing media landscape, as is Communication. In short, we believe diversity is a necessity, and a major reason why Annenberg is the preeminent School of Communication in the world.

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