Major Requirements

Graduation with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication requires a total of 34 course units, including a minimum of 14 courses in the major:

  • two introductory Communication courses designed to expose students to major topics in the field;
  • one course in research methods (which can be either a designated Communication course or an approved course from other departments at Penn);
  • four intermediate-level Communication courses (100 - 200 level courses);
  • four advanced Communication courses (300 or 400 level courses);
  • three cognate courses taken from other departments at Penn. 

In addition, majors may choose a concentration, graduate with honors, create an independent study, participate in an internship, conduct research with a faculty member, or study abroad.

Communication majors can also earn their B.A. and M.A. in 5 years with the research and submatriculation track.

Peruse current course offerings and full course descriptions to learn more about the Communication major curriculum.

Communication majors are eligible for a variety of academic honors and awards.

General Policies

To count toward the major, a course must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail). Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences may complete one, but not both, of their required introductory courses in summer sections offered through the College of Liberal and Professional Studies.

A maximum of three major courses may be transferred from another college or university.

Annenberg students, as members of the Penn community, are responsible for adhering to the principles and spirit of the Code of Academic Integrity.