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On May 14 the Annenberg School for Communication honored 11 doctoral students for completing their studies.


Young Min Baek 
Dissertation title: “The Impact of Deliberation on Social and Semantic Networks: Citizens’ Mental Models of Bioethical Issues in Genetics Using Automated Textual Analysis”


Joel Penney 
Dissertation title:“Body Screen/Body Politic: The Uses of Political T-Shirts in the Digital Age”


Cabral Bigman-Galimore 
Dissertation title:“Social Comparison Framing: Examining the Effects of Racial Health Disparities Risk Information”


Son-Ho Kim 
Dissertation title:“The Voice on Paper: A Dialogic Critique of Public Opinion Polling”


Mario G. Rodriguez 
Dissertation title:“Facebook Privacy, Online Reputation & Employment Concerns of College Seniors”


Sarah Vaala 
Dissertation title:“Mothers’ Cognitions and Structural Life Circumstances as Predictors of Infants’ and Toddlers’ Television and Video Exposure”


Aymar Jean Christian 
Dissertation title:“Off the Line: Independent Television and the Pitch to Reinvent Hollywood”


Susanna Dilliplane 
Dissertation title:“The Impact of Partisan News Exposure on American Political Opinion and Behavior: Evidence from the 2008 Presidential Election”


Heidi Khaled 
Dissertation title:“Fashionable Politics: Discourses, Dissonance and Status in American Consumer Culture”


Matt Lapierre 
Dissertation title:“Development and Persuasion Processing: An investigation of Children’s Advertising Susceptibility and Understanding”


Khadijah White 
Dissertation title:“Tea’d Off: Media and the Rise of the 21st Century Tea Party”

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