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Center for Media at Risk Colloquium: Richard Stupart, Annenberg School

While South Sudan’s civil war has produced the largest displacement in Africa since the Rwandan genocide, it remains one of the most difficult countries for journalists to access and freely report on. Ranked 138th in the world on Reporters without Borders’ press freedom index, South Sudan is a microcosm of many of the challenges facing journalists trying to report on conflict.

Center for Media at Risk Roundtable: Counter-Dataveillance

We are being surveilled. Data that citizen-users generate are collected for the purposes of profit-making and/or systematic investigation of dissent and political control. However, the same techniques of dataveillance can be utilized toward central authorities, and their private partners, in order to inform the public and force institutional transparency and accountability.

Panel Discussion of "ALL IN: The Fight for Democracy"

We invite you to watch the documentary film "ALL IN: The Fight for Democracy" online at your convenience, and then join us on Wednesday, September 9 at noon for a panel discussion about the film. Panelists include:


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