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VIRTUAL EVENT — Center for Media at Risk Colloquium: A Conversation with Natacha Yazbeck and Hanin Ghaddar

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its ensuing isolation and physical, economic, and existential precarity have forced communities everywhere to contend with new realities. Yet some of these experiences are all too familiar to media practitioners around the world. In this conversation, Center for Media at Risk steering committee member Natacha Yazbeck discusses uncertainty, rights, and resilience with Middle East analyst, columnist, and former journalist Hanin Ghaddar.

Penn Honors Diversity Symposium 2020

The University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the second Penn Honors Diversity Symposium. The symposium, organized in conjunction with many of Penn's Ph.D. programs, will emphasize student diversity and aims to particularly attract underrepresented students, especially sophomores and juniors, at colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic states who are interested in learning more about graduate school.

Elihu Katz Colloquium: Aaron Trammell, University of California, Irvine

About the Talk

In the electoral recounts following the 2000 U.S. election, inconsistencies plagued the Florida vote. Poorly designed "butterfly" ballots and hanging chads led to a recount, a supreme court decision, and an array of voting reforms aimed at updating the country's civic infrastructure — and, in many cases, the country's voting machines. Now, twenty years later, we can grasp the implications of these decisions.

2020 Annenberg Lecture Featuring Willow Bay

Come hear from the Dean of USC Annenberg about what it's like to lead a school of communication and journalism in a time of unprecedented social, culture, and technological change.

Willow Bay joins Dean John Jackson to talk about lessons from her career as a broadcast journalist and digital media editor, what it means to study communication and its related fields and disciplines in the year 2020, how students today look at critical issues that shape their generation, and what that means for how we teach and learn.


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