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MIC Center Launch: Confronting Inequality: Reimagining the Future of Journalism and Work

Our society faces a critical juncture. On one hand, we are in a moment of rapid technological advancement that creates greater communication, information sharing, and numerous democratic possibilities. On the other hand, we see a collapsing commercial model for journalism, monopolistic platforms that spread misinformation with little accountability, more economic insecurity, and a debased political process.

Center for Media at Risk Colloquium: Daniel Grinberg

This talk analyzes the spaces of media access and censorship at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. It first touches on the U.S. military’s use of movie theaters to entertain and regulate the employees and families stationed at the site, and explores how official guidelines strategically limit which films can be screened. Next, it discusses the more restricted media exhibition contexts for detainees, interrogating how the military instrumentalizes detainees’ access to entertainment as a means of further ensuring their compliance.

The Platform Economy and the Future of the City

New digital technologies are remaking the way we live, changing the way passengers and goods move and services are provided. They hold out the hope of numerous benefits for consumers and cities by making transactions more efficient while increasing accessibility, variety, and convenience for consumers. At the same time, it is clear these outcomes won’t automatically come about without the right policies in place to guide their development and adoption. As a result, numerous debates have arisen around how to ensure that the costs and benefits of these new technologies are equitably shared.

7th Annual CAMRA Screening Scholarship Media Festival

The Screening Scholarship Media Festival (SSMF) provides a creative, collaborative space to explore the affordances and challenges of multimodal strategies in research, and to interrogate their social implications. SSMF is a hybrid between a traditional academic conference and a film/media festival that fosters the intersection of art and science across disciplines since 2013.


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