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Control Societies Speaker Series: André Brock

About the Talk

As Black culture has moved online, the influence of historical Black institutions on everyday life has changed. This presentation examines how Black respectability - a governmental in-group response to the iniquities of White supremacy - has been reduced, as well as distorted, thanks to social media.

Center for Media at Risk - Launch Events

"What is Media at Risk?" is a cross-disciplinary conference bringing together media practitioners, media scholars, and media assist organizations to define what "media at risk" means globally in circumstances of political intimidation and what can be done to resist it. Given the proliferating nature of creeping authoritarianism around the world, these efforts will help highlight Penn’s mission to explain more fully what political intimidation in the media – in documentary, journalism, entertainment, and the digital environment – looks like worldwide. 

2018 World Bank-Annenberg Summer Institute

The World Bank-Annenberg Summer Institute is designed for leaders, strategists, and advisors who want to strengthen the critical communication skills required to support change agents and reform initiatives in developing countries.

During the 10-day program, participants will learn the most recent advances in strategic communication and best practices for reform. The program encourages participants to collaborate with peers to solve complex problems, examine real-world case studies and learn from leading experts in the field of communication and reform. 

Media Activism Collective - Work in Progress lunchtime session

MARC members Irina Trocan, a Film Studies PhD student and visiting scholar, and Mengyang Zhao, in the Sociology department, will each be presenting their current work. Irina will be discussing Video Essays and the Interactive Spectatorship of the digital age, and Mengyang will be discussing Geographical Diffusion of Protests in China: Evidence from Social Media. 

An Evening With Chelsea Manning

As an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense, Chelsea Manning disclosed classified documents to WikiLeaks that revealed human rights abuses and corruption connected to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in a military prison, but released in 2017 after President Obama commuted her sentence. While in prison, Manning publicly identified as a trans woman and asserted her right to medical therapy.


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