Excellence in Cancer Communication

TCORS Data Meeting

Presenter: Paul Wise
Topic: The Effect of Added Flavorants on the Taste and Pleasantness of Mixtures of Glycerol and Propylene Glycol

Penn Tobacco Center on Regulatory Science Seminar by Jim Thrasher

This presentation will describe emerging research on tobacco product marketing, regulation, and communication, including consideration of the research opportunities and challenges that are presented by the proliferation and uptake of diverse nicotine products around the world.  Studies to monitor and assess the effects of both direct marketing (e.g., point of sale, product packaging, Internet) and indirect marketing (e.g., entertainment media) will be described.  Experimental and quasi-experimental studies of policy innovations will highlight opportunities for effective counter-marketing vi

Penn Tobacco Center on Regulatory Science Seminar by Jonathan Cohen

Stories have been shaping worldviews, beliefs and attitudes throughout human history. Current theories explaining the persuasive power of narratives accord a central role to the tendency of listeners, readers and viewers to identify with story characters. Much research has shown that this tendency leads to a host of powerful psychological effects from the expansion of one’s worldview, to empathic experiencing of the emotions of others, from decreased reactance through increased efficacy and vulnerability, to modeling of attitudes and behaviors.


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