Global Communication Studies

CARGC Book Talk with Giang Nguyen-Thu

Since the country’s economic reform in 1986, Vietnamese television has experienced a tremendous shift from a purely propagandist tool of the Party-State into an all-pervasive medium of popular culture. The dynamics of Vietnamese television, however, are completely neglected in the field of international television studies, shadowed by the Western assumption of Vietnam being an oppressed land without media freedom.

CARGC Book Talk: Aynne Kokas

China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 ignited a race to capture new global media audiences. Hollywood moguls began courting Chinese investors to create entertainment on an international scale—from behemoth theme parks to blockbuster films. Hollywood Made in China examines these new collaborations, where the distinctions between Hollywood’s “dream factory” and Xi Jinping's "Chinese Dream" of global influence become increasingly blurred.


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