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CARGC Colloquium by Matt Sienkiewicz


As it seeks to win the hearts and minds of citizens in the Muslim world, the United States has poured millions of dollars into local television and radio programming, hoping to generate pro-American currents on Middle Eastern airwaves. However, as this fascinating new book shows, the Middle Eastern media producers who rely on these funds are hardly puppets on an American string, but instead contribute their own political and creative agendas while working within U.S. restrictions.  

Surveying Iran: The Future of Social Research after the Nuclear Thaw

Given the surprising 2013 victory of President Hassan Rouhani, the 2015 nuclear deal, and the centrist upset in the 2016 parliamentary elections, social research on Iran is arguably in need of reassessment and renovation.  Much of our understanding of the country comes from activist publications, journalistic accounts, Washington think-tank policy briefs, official government pronouncements, or anecdotal data.  A new generation of scholars is looking at Iran, however, with new qualitative and quantitative methods which may confirm or reassess previously held beliefs about social and politica

CARGC Colloquium by Nick Sousanis

Internationally acclaimed comic artist and educator Nick Sousanis will discuss his award-winning 2015 book Unflattening, originally his dissertation written and drawn entirely in comics form, and published by Harvard University Press.

Internet & Rights: Digital Constitutions and "National" Internet Governance

Since the advent of the Internet, citizens, advocacy groups, governments, intergovernmental organizations, and corporations have made various efforts to assert the “rights” of citizens in the global Internet space. Especially since the Snowden revelations in 2013, topics such as online privacy, freedom of expression, access to information, participation and digital inclusion have been put at the forefront of not only international documents, but also through national legislation.

All About the Narrative: From Media Policy to Celebrity Activism

Why do certain narratives become dominant in the public arena? How do certain actors manage to push a particular narrative and shape the dominant view on an issue? What is the role of media in this? Covering a range of issues from media policy to celebrity activism, visiting scholar Hilde Van den Bulck will evaluate the role of actors and stakeholders in pushing particular narratives to influence outcomes.

Spring 2016 Visiting Scholar Lunchtime Discussion

Please join us to welcome the Spring 2016 CGCS visiting scholars to the Annenberg community and engage in an informal discussion. The scholars will be presenting their research interests, areas for potential collaborations, and pertinent media policy issues relevant to their regions and areas of expertise. Lunch will be served.

Spring 2016 Visiting Scholar Bios:


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