Global Communication Studies

PARGC 2016 Symposium

Is There a Global Digital Culture? The 2016 Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication (PARGC) Symposium considers this question as an intellectual provocation to revisit how the universal relates to the particular, the global to the local, the digital to the material, the human to the post-human. Symposium participants will grapple with the problematic notion of “global digital culture,” exploring dynamics of convergence and disjuncture in the digital era.

Honing the Visual: Evolving Practices in Human Rights Work

This two-day interdisciplinary conference will bring together experts (academics, human rights practitioners, journalists, filmmakers, photographers and policy makers) to examine the interplay between visuals and human rights. It seeks to address how, under which circumstances, and to what ends visual imagery is becoming the central means through which human rights claims receive recognition and restitution. The event will be accompanied by a curated presentation of OSF’s Moving Wall photographs and supplemented with an edited volume.

Benchmarking Demand for Internet Freedom: Reviewing Insights from Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan

Over the last decade, the internet emerged as a relatively open, pluralistic source of information for citizens in partly democratic or non-democratic states as governments had traditionally focused on censoring and controlling the established news media.  However, in recent years many autocratic regimes have increasingly focused on censoring and controlling access to anti-government online as well as citizen use of social media for political expression and mobilization.

Security V Access: The Impact of Mobile Network Shutdowns on Human Rights Case Study: Telenor Pakistan

To combat its own serious public security challenges, the Government of Pakistan has often instructed telecommunication operators to suspend mobile and/or Internet networks where intelligence indicates a threat to national security. Pakistan is not the only country to do this. Network shutdowns of varying scale are happening globally with creeping frequency for a variety of reasons- from national security threats to civil unrest or to disperse protests.

Fall 2015 Visiting Scholar Lunchtime Discussion

Please join us to welcome the Fall 2015 CGCS visiting scholars to the Annenberg community and engage in an informal discussion. The scholars will be presenting their research interests, areas for potential collaborations, and pertinent media policy issues relevant to their regions and areas of expertise. Lunch will be served.

Abstracts forthcoming.

The scholars who will be presenting are:


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