Scholars Program

Scholars Program Lecture by Dan Schiller

How was the liberalization of U.S. telecommunications system development effected? In fact, presidential policy for networks shifted dramatically between the late 1960s and the mid-1970s. Archival documents and oral history interviews permit us to trace this movement to liberalization by scrutinizing the Task Force on Communications Policy. Convened by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967, this initiative moved through two politically differentiated phases.

Center for Media at Risk Lecture: Nathan Matias

Join us as Nathan Matias presents a lecture on "Managing Internet Risks with Citizen Behavioral Science."

Because online platforms observe and intervene in the lives of billions of people, many have come to expect that they should address enduring social problems including misinformation, political polarization, hate speech, public health, and many others. Companies already conduct tens of thousands of behavioral studies on an unknowing public every year, so why not use that power for good?

Scholars Colloquium by Dan Schiller

Typically neglected in analyses of the history of US telecommunications policy is the role of organized labor; this absence is especially disabling in the context of the crucial transition to digital capitalism during the 1960s and 1970s.  Relying on archival sources, this study of major  telecommunications unions suggests that internecine divisions, top-down leadership, and mounting pressure - rather than a lack of strategic clarity - account for the unions' limited impact.

Scholars Colloquium by SummerCulture Participants

This past summer, Professor Barbie Zelizer took a group of students to Vancouver, Canada for a two-week immersion experience. The theme of this trip was What Are Media? and the program was hosted by Professor T'ai Smith and Professor Alfred Hermida from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Professor Jessa Lingel also accompanied the group.

At this event, students Megan Genovese, Nour Halabi, Jenn Henrichsen, Hanna Morris and John Vilanova will recount their experiences and present their research from SummerCulture 2017 - Vancouver. 

Scholars Colloquium by Des Freedman

This colloquium asks what forms of academic labor are required to respond to current social, political and economic crises. It reflects, in particular, on how communication scholars might address a situation in which the media are seen as intimately connected both to the emergence of and the solution to these crises. To what extent should academics remain aloof from social movements or should our research and teaching directly inform and mobilize campaigns for social justice?


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