How to Forward a PennNet Phone

This page provides instructions on how to forward your PennNet phone to another number off campus, such as your home or cellular phone. 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your PennKey credentials.
  3. Find the link for the "Features and Voicemail."

    A screenshot of the PennNet Phone Services page with "Features and Voicemail" circled in green
  4. Where it says "Call Forward All," select the box for "on."
  5. Enter the phone number to which you would like your PennNet phone to forward. Use the format 9-XXX-XXX-XXXX. 
  6. Hit submit.

PennNet Phone System page for Features and Voicemail Settings with the "Call forward all" section highlighted in green and the submit button circled

7. Your PennNet phone will now be forwarded to the number you selected. Please be conscious of the voicemail associated with the number to which your PennNet phone is now forwarded. You may need to change your voicemail so as not to confuse recipients who are expecting to reach you on this number. 

If you are a faculty member, student, or staff member of the Annenberg School and are having difficulty with this process, please email