New Book Celebrates the Scholarly Contributions of Long-time Annenberg Professor Larry Gross

There’s no question that Communication scholar Larry Gross is one of the greats in his field. In the 1970s and 80s, he was co-Principal Investigator for the groundbreaking Cultural Indicators Project, led by former Annenberg Dean George Gerbner. He has authored or edited 10 books, including Up from Invisibility: Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Media in America (Columbia University Press 2001), which is considered a seminal work in the field of LGBTQ studies. He has served in editorial capacities for 19 journals.

New Book from Annenberg Alumna Traces Evolution of Kids' TV

It was on The Howdy Doody Show in 1947 that Buffalo Bob first asked children, “Say, kids, what time is it?” What time? It was, as Annenberg alumna Jo Holz (Ph.D. '81) writes in a new book, America’s time as a superpower with a booming post-war economy. But more specifically for the children in earshot of the question, it was their time, time to watch TV, and they knew exactly what to shout in reply: “It’s Howdy Doody time!”

Fishman Publishes New Book, Death Makes the News

Death is often reported in the news, and as images and video become increasingly more important to journalism, these reports are accompanied by photographs that sometimes raise questions about what is an appropriate or inappropriate representation of death.

New Book by Sandra González-Bailón: Decoding the Social World

Plenty of people on social media have an axe to grind, but why do some complaints become massive digital protests? Why do hashtags like #blacklivesmatter or #metoo become prominent in a matter of hours? How do trending topics emerge from the ever-shifting attention of the public?


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