Chelsea Manning Speaks at Penn on Technology, Government, and Activism

On November 29, the Annenberg School – in conjunction with seven other University of Pennsylvania departments and groups – hosted technology expert and activist Chelsea Manning for a conversation about the intersections between technology, government, and people’s lives. The event was moderated by Gabriella Coleman, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University.

Zelizer Delivers Plenary Keynote on Al Jazeera and Media Freedom in Crisis, Outlines New Center for Media at Risk

Journalism should be independent, transparent, unbiased, incorruptible, socially useful — a shiny marble pillar upholding the ideals of democracy.

Ideally, yes. But in reality, the fourth estate is part of a complicated and imperfect world. Journalism exists in stable democracies, fully authoritarian states, and everything in between. Media institutions are inextricably tied to politics, economics, law, education, security, religion, and the military.


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