Annenberg Faculty Visit Cuba

They took photos of the candy-colored cars of the 1950s and Havana’s grand architecture in all its faded glory. They admired the artwork depicting Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Camilo Cienfuegos at the Museum of the Revolution and ate in paladares, restaurants often run out of people’s homes.

In Social Movements, “Slacktivists” Matter

You know them well. You might even be one of them.

They’re the people who tint their Facebook profile pictures with the French flag to support Parisians, or pink to get behind Planned Parenthood. They sign online petitions, share activist videos, and retweet celebrities who take a political stand. They’re willing to lift a finger for a cause — mainly the one used to tap “like” or “share” or “retweet.”

Study Reveals the Neural Mechanics of Self-Affirmation

Researchers have long marveled at the almost-magical power of self-affirmation: Minority students who reflect on their core values do better in school. People with opposing political views become more open to hearing one another, while people with bad health habits become more amenable to shaping up. The simple act of focusing on the sources of meaning and purpose in our lives is incredibly effective at lowering defenses and changing behavior.

Faculty Profile: Professor Jessa Lingel

Annenberg’s newest faculty member talks about digital culture, library activism, sad bikes, and more.

When it comes to research subjects, it’s fair to say Jessa Lingel’s tastes run eclectic: drag queens, homeless women, craftspeople, punk rockers, transnational migrants, and people who like to fork their tongues, just to name a few.  

What draws Lingel to study countercultural groups?

Annenberg Presentations at the 2015 NCA Annual Convention

Annenberg faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows will present a rich variety of research at the National Communication Association (NCA) 101st Annual Convention, to be held Nov. 19-22 in Las Vegas. Below are a list of papers to be presented, along with their abstracts, followed by a list of Annenberg Faculty who will be panelists or respondents at the conference. Four of the papers will be receiving Top Paper Awards, as noted below.

Images, Ethics, Technology: A New Book Edited by Sharrona Pearl

Who speaks for the art in a museum? What does it mean that the revamping of Facebook’s photo features coincided with the demise of Kodak and Polaroid? What do photos of wind and wind power in Kansas tell us about the changing power dynamics there?

These topics and more are discussed in the new book Images, Ethics, Technology edited by Professor Sharrona Pearl. It explores the changing ethical implications of images and the ways they are communicated and understood.

Brain Imaging Can Predict the Success of Large Public Health Campaigns

It’s a frustrating fact that most people would live longer if only they could make small changes: stop smoking, eat better, exercise more, practice safe sex. Health messaging is one important way to change behavior on a large scale, but while a successful campaign can improve millions of lives, a failed one can be an enormous waste of resources.


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