Annenberg Presentations at ICA 2017

More than 70 faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and research staff will present research at the International Communication Association’s 67th Annual Conference, to be held May 25-29 in San Diego.

All Annenberg contributions to the conference are listed below, with panel name and room location. All events will be held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, unless otherwise noted. For the full conference program, click here.

Carlin Romano Named a Knight Foundation Nieman Fellow

Carlin Romano, Lecturer at the Annenberg School, has been named one of 11 Nieman Fellows for 2017, sponsored by the John S. Knight Foundation. The Knight Nieman Fellows are chosen for their interest in seeking innovative ideas in journalism, with the financial and logistical aid of the Nieman Foundation.

How Your Brain Makes Articles Go Viral

It is a question that has mystified countless people: Why does one article spread like wildfire through social media and another — seemingly similar — doesn’t? How does your brain decide what is valuable enough to read and share?

Study Finds Troubling Consequences for Anti-Muslim and Anti-Mexican Attitudes and Actions

The President’s recent Executive Order is attempting to close U.S. borders to citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, with the rationale that it would make Americans safer against the threat of terrorism. But new research from the University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern provides evidence that this action may do just the opposite.

New Study Shows Mindfulness Motivates People to Make Healthier Choices

"Smoking causes wrinkles that age you prematurely. What are cigarettes costing you?"

“150 minutes of exercise a week reduces the risk of cancer.”

“2000 calories a day is all most adults should eat.”

We hear so many well-meaning and well-researched messages about how to be healthier, and for many, they prompt real change, like quitting smoking, exercising more, and eating better. But for some people, these messages prompt only a defensive and resentful reaction — “Stop nagging and leave me alone.”


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