Professors Cappella, Fishbein and Hornik in recent issue of Communication Theory

Communication Theory (Volume 13, Number 2, May 2003) features the work of several Annenberg professors. Joseph Cappella serves as guest editor to the issue's theme, "Symposium on Theoretical Approaches to Communication Campaigns" which features "Using Theory to Design Effective Health Behavior Interventions" by Martin Fishbein and Marco Yzer and "Using Theory to Design Evaluations of Communication Campaigns: The Case of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign" by Robert Hornik and Itzhak Yanovitzky.


Turow Discusses Privacy With Dan Rather

Professor Joseph Turow appeared on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, December 2, 2003, commenting on privacy issues of phone cameras. Referring to a man who travels the city of Philadelphia taking pictures with his cell phone and then posting them on the web, Professor Turow said, "He has s a right to document his life, in my opinion, but he doesn't have a right to document other people's lives unless they want him to." Turow notes that the new camera phones are so small and easy to use that Turow says they may make it too easy for people to spy on one another.

Turow Takes a Globalization Approach to Web Privacy Concerns

Professor Joseph Turow is the co-author of "Internet power and social context: a globalization approach to Web privacy concerns." The article, co-written with Rivka Ribak, lecturer at the University of Haifa, Israel, appears in Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Volume 47, Number 3.

Linebarger Appears on Philly Live, the Latino Connection

Assistant Professor, Deborah Linebarger appeared on the November 12 telecast of Philly Live, the Latino Connection with Henry Veguilla discussing children and television, specifically how TV affects language and literacy development. Philly Live is a 30-minute live call-in television talk show on public television station WYBE that gives a forum to people in the forefront of Latino news, events, and issues.

Price Delivers Talks at Stanford and the University of Minnesota

Associate Professor Vincent Price delivered the Carlos McClatchy lecture to the Department of Communication at Stanford University on October 23, 2003. His address, “Online Discussion and Democracy,” focused on the role of Web-based political discussion in shaping public opinion and included selected results from Annenberg’s Electronic Dialogue project.

Delli Carpini Delivers Keynote at Mexico City Conference

Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini delivered the keynote address at the “National Symposium on Political Culture” in Mexico City on September 8. The title of his address was Political Knowledge and Political Culture in the United States and Mexico.

Gandy Pens Commentary for a Special Issue of Television and New Media

Professor Oscar Gandy appears in the latest issue of Television and New Media (Volume 4, Number 4, November 2003) with a commentary piece to the preceding articles of a special issue on media education (Media Education: Dilemmas of Perspective, Policy, and Practice). The article is titled "Media Education Comes of Age."

Michael X. Delli Carpini on the youth vote in upcoming Philadelphia Mayor's race

"This city's young adults have the numbers to decide the mayor's race. As the Street and Katz campaigns pound the pavement and hit the phones to reach both their core constituents and undecided voters, they would be ill-advised to ignore this segment of the electorate." So advises ASC Dean Michael X. Delli Carpini in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer editorial he co-wrote with Veronica De La Garza, executive director of the Youth Vote Coalition.

Paul Messaris on visual communication theory and research in latest Journal of Communication

Professor Paul Messaris appears in the current issue of Journal of Communication (Volume 53, Number 3; September, 2003) with a review essay on two new books in the field of visual studies: Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture by Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright (Oxford, 2001) and Handbook of Visual Analysis edited by Theo Van Leeuwen and Carey Jewitt (Sage, 2001).

Barbie Zelizer is candidate for ICA President

Professor Barbie Zelizer has been nominated by the International Communication Association's Nominating Committee as a candidate for ICA President-elect in this fall's election. She is running against Jon Nussbaum of Pennsylvania State University. The successful candidate will serve on the Board of Directors as soon as elected, plan the 2005 conference in New York, and serve as president of the Association during 2005-2006. Ballots have already been sent to members who can compare qualifications and candidate statements on the ICA website. Good luck to Dr. Zelizer!


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