Annenberg Presentations at NCA 2019

Eight Annenberg faculty members and graduate students will present at the National Communication Association’s 105th Annual Convention, to be held November 14-17 in Baltimore.

The presentations are listed below, along with locations. For more information or to view the full program, visit NCA’s conference website.

Thursday, November 14


The Effects and Prevention of Smoking, Vaping, and Chewing (Hilton Baltimore, Key Ballroom 12)

Donald Trump’s Election Did Not Increase Political Polarization

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would disagree that American politics are highly partisan. Partisanship has been on the rise since the 1970s, and the consensus among the media seems to be that political polarization has skyrocketed since the beginning of the campaign season for the 2016 presidential election.

Signaling the Trustworthiness of Science

Public confidence in science has remained high and stable for years. But recent decades have seen incidents of scientific fraud and misconduct, failure to replicate key findings, and growth in the number of retractions — all of which may affect trust in science.

Kim Studies Health Misinformation on Social Media

Misinformation and fake news are rampant in the current media environment. Of particular concern is misinformation regarding health issues, like vaccines, infectious diseases, or cancer. Widespread health misinformation is cause for alarm, as it has the potential to create public health crises. The recent measles outbreak is a prime example.

How can we stop the spread of heath misinformation?

Annenberg Presentations at APSA 2019

Eleven Annenberg faculty members and graduate students will present at the American Political Science Association’s 2019 Meeting, to be held August 29 – September 1 in Washington, D.C.

The presentations are listed below. For the full program, visit APSA’s conference website.

Wednesday, August 28

Preconference Panels

Misinformation and Propaganda around the Globe


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