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Undergrads Explore How Rituals Shape Our World

From graduations to wedding ceremonies, baby showers to retirement parties, our lives are ordered by a series of rituals. But how do these rituals develop over time and what do they tell us about culture and society at large?

Undergraduate students in COMM 388: Ritual Communication — taught by Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Litty Paxton — are taking a deep dive into the unique language of ritual to explore some of the answers to these questions.

Annenberg in Washington Program Supports Internships for Communication Majors

This summer, 11 Communication majors interned in Washington, D.C. through the Annenberg in Washington (AIW) program. AIW provides $6,000 stipends to participating students to support their summer living expenses. Each student receives experience in how communication is used in public service through their internships at government, political, nonprofit, advocacy, media, and other organizations in the nation’s capital.

Communication Major Wins Inaugural Award From FactCheck.org

Corey Berman C’20, a junior Communication major, was honored with FactCheck.org’s inaugural Brooks Jackson Undergraduate Fellowship Award on May 3. The award, named after the fact-checking organization’s co-founder, honors an undergraduate research fellow at FactCheck.org who has done exemplary work in fact-checking and most embodies the talent, spirit, and integrity of Brooks Jackson.

Communication Majors Present 2019 Senior Honors Theses

On April 10 and April 17, fourteen Communication majors presented senior theses to a group of classmates, faculty, and staff. These Penn seniors wrote an honors thesis and/or a Communication and Public Service (ComPS) thesis. All will graduate with honors at Annenberg’s Communication major graduation ceremony next month. The students will also present their Communication theses at a poster session held in the Annenberg School Plaza Lobby next week.

Dinner at Dr. Litty’s: Comm Majors Get to Know Faculty and Each Other

The family pets — Ellie, an elderly dog, and two cats Felix and Ilsa — greet everyone warmly. Communication majors gradually fill up the dining room as a round of brief introductions gets underway. Shortly after, dinner is served and conversations flow, with topics ranging from spring break plans to research the guests are working on. Whether Thai, Indian, or Chinese cuisine, the conversation is just as diverse as the dinner menu.


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