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Communication Majors Present 2019 Senior Honors Theses

On April 10 and April 17, fourteen Communication majors presented senior theses to a group of classmates, faculty, and staff. These Penn seniors wrote an honors thesis and/or a Communication and Public Service (ComPS) thesis. All will graduate with honors at Annenberg’s Communication major graduation ceremony next month. The students will also present their Communication theses at a poster session held in the Annenberg School Plaza Lobby next week.

Dinner at Dr. Litty’s: Comm Majors Get to Know Faculty and Each Other

The family pets — Ellie, an elderly dog, and two cats Felix and Ilsa — greet everyone warmly. Communication majors gradually fill up the dining room as a round of brief introductions gets underway. Shortly after, dinner is served and conversations flow, with topics ranging from spring break plans to research the guests are working on. Whether Thai, Indian, or Chinese cuisine, the conversation is just as diverse as the dinner menu.

Comm Major Christina Griffith (C'20) is Expedition Magazine Associate Editor

From the secrets of ancient magic to the discovery of sacred animal cults in Egypt, Expedition, Penn Museum’s exclusive members’ magazine, has covered the latest findings in the field of archaeology and anthropology for the past 60 years. Last fall, the magazine welcomed Communication major Christina Griffith (C’20) who was hired as the assistant editor and recently promoted to associate editor.

Undergrad Amanda Damon (C'19) Explores Immigration Reform for Senior Honors Thesis

Over winter break, while many undergraduates were busy catching up on sleep, Communication major Amanda Damon (C’19) was collecting data on immigration and civil rights legislation and reform for her senior honors thesis. For months, she had been corresponding with librarians and archivists at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library in Austin, Texas and the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California in preparation to visit them in January.

Communication Major Nick Joyner (C’19) Wins Thouron Award

Nick Joyner (C’19), a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, is one of this year’s recipients of the Thouron Award.

A graduate exchange program between the United Kingdom and Penn, Thouron scholarships provide funding for postgraduate study abroad. Each year, as many as 10 students from the UK receive Thouron awards to attend graduate schools at Penn, and as many as eight Penn seniors receive scholarships to attend a graduate school of their choosing in the UK.

“The Communication Research Experience” Tested How to Get Out the Vote for the Midterm Elections

Penn students are no strangers to research — they read it, discuss it, and cite it in just about every course. But what does it take — soup to nuts — to actually conduct a research study in Communication?

This semester, a group of six undergraduates found out, as they also tackled an important and timely research question: could they find a way to increase voter turnout for the U.S. midterm elections, an event which took place just 10 weeks into the course?


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