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“The Communication Research Experience” Tested How to Get Out the Vote for the Midterm Elections

Penn students are no strangers to research — they read it, discuss it, and cite it in just about every course. But what does it take — soup to nuts — to actually conduct a research study in Communication?

This semester, a group of six undergraduates found out, as they also tackled an important and timely research question: could they find a way to increase voter turnout for the U.S. midterm elections, an event which took place just 10 weeks into the course?

Get to Know Our Communication Majors: Fall 2018

Throughout the Fall semester, we've run mini-profiles of seven Communication majors on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. For our website audience, we've compiled them here. Get to know a handful of our brilliant and accomplished Comm majors!

Undergrads Make Meaning Out of Memes

If you’ve been on the internet at any point in the last decade — and you’re on it right now! —  you’ve come across your fair share of memes. They often make us laugh and tap into our innermost thoughts and reactions. But what does this online cultural phenomenon reveal about our understanding of the world?

Annenberg in Washington Program Supports Communication Majors Interning in Washington, D.C.

This summer, nine Communication majors interned in Washington, D.C. through the Annenberg in Washington (AIW) program. AIW provides $6,000 stipends to participating students to support their summer living expenses. Each student receives experience in how communication is used in public service through their internships at government, political, nonprofit, advocacy, media, and other organizations in the nation’s capital.

Ashley Parker (C'05) Delivers 2018 Annenberg Graduation Speech

On May 13, Ashley R. Parker (C'05), White House reporter for the Washington Post (pictured left with her fiancé, Michael Bender, and Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson), delivered the 2018 commencement address for Annnenberg's Communication Major Graduation Ceremony. Parker's Communication major set the stage for an impressive journalism career: She has covered Congress, the White House, and the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump.


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