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Bevan Cohen C'20: Comm Major by Day, Instagram Influencer by Night

When best friends and then-high school sophomores Bevan Cohen and Sabrina Epstein started snapping photos of their lunches around New York City, it just seemed like fun to post them to Instagram. They had no idea that they were on the road to becoming full-fledged Instagram influencers. But 3,700 photos and 313,000 followers later, @eastcoastfoodies has become a trademarked brand.

Penn Supports Communication Majors' Honors Thesis Research

Through the Senior Honors Thesis course, three Annenberg Communication majors received funding to study graffiti along the U.S./Mexico border, how the news portrays Latinx immigrants, and the virality of online video advertising. 

Communication Majors Get Hands-On, Quantitative Research Experience in New Course

What characterizes effective messaging campaigns? What makes some people more likely to share ideas? How would we know if a campaign is working? This semester, Professor Emily Falk offered a new undergraduate course to arm an emerging generation of researchers with the skills to conduct rigorous quantitative research that would allow them to answer these questions and a wide range of others.

As She Departs Penn, Amy Jordan’s Last Lecture Shares Life Wisdom

Over the course of 21 years, Professor Amy Jordan has taught more than 3,000 students and become a well-respected and beloved faculty member to countless students, faculty, and staff members.

It was an emotional occasion on Friday as Jordan, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Adjunct Full Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication, delivered her last-ever class lecture at Penn. Starting in January, she will be a professor at Rutgers University.

Annenberg in Washington 2017: 10 Communication Majors Intern in DC

Annenberg in Washington (AIW), a summer internship program for Communication majors, provides students first-hand experience in how communication is used in public service. Students receive a $6,000 stipend to support their living expenses as they participate in internships at government, political, nonprofit, advocacy, media, and private organizations in the nation’s capital. They can then receive course credit by enrolling in the summer or fall internship course (COMM 491).

Undergrads Explore Chinese Media Landscape with Penn Media Scholars in China

Penn Media Scholars in China (PMSC), a new summer institute directed and led by Professor Guobin Yang, recently took eight Penn undergraduate students to Beijing and Hangzhou to study media industries, institutions, and citizens’ everyday media practices.

From June 5-30, PMSC gave students a first-hand understanding of the rapidly growing and developing media industry in China through site visits, interactions with media professionals, and conversations with students.

Seth Grossman (C'01) Delivers 2017 Annenberg Graduation Speech

On May 14, Seth Grossman (C'01), Chief of Staff to the President of the University of California, delivered the 2017 commencement address for Annnenberg's Communication Major Graduation Ceremony. Grossman's Communication major set the stage for an impressive early career: a Yale Law degree followed by a Supreme Court clerkship and then the role of Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Homeland Security.


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