Faculty Videos

Uploaded on 02 Mar 2020

New Annenberg assistant professor David Lydon-Staley, Ph.D., studies substance use and abuse over the lifespan, with an emphasis on how the small moments of our lives compound to influence our overall behavior. Much of his research focuses on adolescents ages 14-16, and often uses mobile phones as a tool to understand behavior.

Uploaded on 21 Feb 2020

In their new book, out now from The MIT Press, Sarah J. Jackson, Moya Bailey, and Brooke Foucault Welles unpack the phenomenon of hashtag activism. Through the use of hashtags like #blacklivesmatter, #girlslikeus, and #justicefortrayvon, the authors explore the way online networks can take up a cause and organize around it. In this video, Jackson, Presidential Associate Professor at the Annenberg School, provides an overview of the book.

Uploaded on 13 Feb 2020

Joseph Turow, Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School, talks about his current research and interests, his approach to teaching media studies, and the path that took him to it.

Uploaded on 04 Feb 2020

How can a site barely upgraded since 1996 remain the leading classified service on the planet? In a new book published by Princeton University Press, Professor Jessa Lingel reveals how craigslist champions openness, democracy, and other vanishing principles of the early web.

Uploaded on 31 Aug 2019

In this video from CHI 2016, Professor Jessa Lingel gives a lecture entitled "The Poetics of Socio-Technical Space: Evaluating the Internet of Things Through Craft."