CARGC 2018 Symposium Panel II: Rhetoric, Network, Sovereignty

Mediating Islamic State - Rhetoric, Network, Sovereignty

The Third Biennial CARGC Symposium: Mediating Islamic State

Panel II - Rhetoric, Network, Sovereignty

Roxanne L. Euben, Wellesley College
Spectacles of Sovereignty in Digital Time: ISIS Executions, Visual Rhetoric and Sovereign Power

Brian Hughes, American University
Lone Wolf in the Hypertext: The Internet and Pseudo-Ideological Violence

Michael Krona, Malmö University
Collaborative Media Practices and Interconnected Digital Strategies of Islamic State (IS) and Pro-IS Supporter Networks on Telegram

Philippe-Joseph Salazar, University of Cape Town
A Caliphate Standing in Time: The Literacy of Terror

Chair: Anne Norton, University of Pennsylvania