CARGC 2018 Symposium Panel III: Spectacle, Aesthetics, Temporality

Mediating Islamic State - Spectacle, Aesthetics, Temporality

The Third Biennial CARGC Symposium: Mediating Islamic State

Panel III - Spectacle, Aesthetics, Temporality

Yara Damaj, American University of Beirut
The Islamic State: Politics by Other Means

Nathaniel Greenberg, George Mason University
Khalifah Ad Absurdum: On the Communicative Aesthetics of the Islamic State Group

Lina Khatib, Chatham House
"Traces" of the Islamic State

Bashir Saade, University of Stirling
ISIS and Game of Thrones: The Global between Tradition, Identity and the Politics of Spectacle

Chair: Samira Rajabi, CARGC, Annenberg School for Communication