Honing the Visual Conference: Law Through the Lens Panel

Human Rights: Law Through The Lens

Honing the Visual was a conference organized by the Center for Global Communcation Studies at Annenberg on January 28-29, 2016. It brought together academics, human rights practitioners, journalists, filmmakers and policy makers to examine the interplay between visuals and human rights. It sought to address how, under which circumstances, and to what ends visual technologies and platforms shape the recognition and restitution of human rights claims. On this Panel: 

  • Lawrence Douglas (Amherst College, USA), Voice and Visuals in the Trials of John Demjnajuk
  • Keith D. Hiatt (University of California Berkeley, USA), Think Visual: “Open Source” Video as Evidence in International Human Rights Tribunals
  • Rebecca Wexler (Yale University, USA), A Rule of Equivalents: Video as Big Data Collection for Purposes of Investigation and Trial
  • Nenad Golcevski (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The Netherlands), Communicating Justice Through Visuals: The Limitations of an Unlimited Field
  • Moderator: Lyndsey Beutin (Annenberg School for Communication)