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Uploaded on 06 Nov 2015

Why do we continue to make unhealthy and even dangerous choices, such as smoking, when these behaviors are changeable?

Determining what makes people do things differently is a daunting challenge. Professor Emily Falk’s research unites brain imaging and behavioral outcomes to discover the messages that work to help people help themselves.

Uploaded on 27 Oct 2015

In a new study led by Professor Emily Falk, brain scans of 50 smokers in Michigan were able to help predict the results of an email campaign sent to 800,000 in New York, demonstrating the promise of neuroscience to inform and improve public health campaigns.

Uploaded on 07 Oct 2015

A new study by Professor Damon Centola, along with graduate students Jingweng Zhang, Devon Brackbill, and Sijia Yang showed that the social influence of online peers can be more effective than traditional motivational messaging in encouraging physical activity. 

Read more about the study here.

Uploaded on 12 Mar 2015

Research by Erin Maloney, Ph.D., and Joseph Cappella, Ph.D. into the effects of "vaping" cues on tobacco cigarette smokers. 

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Uploaded on 06 Nov 2014

"Narrative persuasion as overcoming resistance: Understanding the role of engagement with narrative and characters."