AP Foreign Correspondents in Action: World War II to the Present - A book talk presented by Giovanna Dell'Orto, Ph.D.

Book Talk Event Series
Giovanna Dell'Orto
24 Mar 2016 - 12:00pm
The Annenberg School for Communication, Room 300
ASC Only

About the book

Based on extend

ed interviews conducted from the Pakistani countryside to Washington, AP Foreign Correspondents in Action from World War II to Today reveals for the first time what it takes to get the stories that brought the world home to America. It gives new frontline insights into major events from the Japanese surrender in 1945 to the 2010s Syrian civil war, and it helps to understand news impact on international affairs through evolving journalistic practices. Both successes and failures through eight decades of foreign correspondence from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe show that public discourse has been best served by correspondents who, at great risk, challenged accepted narratives, exposed omnipresent lies, gave a voice to the voiceless, and stymied the frequently violent efforts of those who feared truth-telling eyewitnesses.
  • Providing a unique insider view on the making of foreign news, readers will read how those who chose, gathered and reported foreign news did so
  • With vivid and candid eyewitness narratives as the focus, the book offers readers a new window on the major historical junctures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  • The book analyses the future of foreign correspondence, which is in crisis

About Giovanna Dell'Orto

Giovanna Dell'Orto is an Associate Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. Her research focuses on international mass communication history, particularly the role of the media and mediated discourses in international affairs, historically and currently.

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