Center for Media at Risk: SummerCulture Colloquium

Presentations on SummerCulture 2019 – Denmark
06 Nov 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Annenberg School, Room 500

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Come hear Annenberg participants in SummerCulture 2019 – PhD students Zane Cooper, Isabelle Langrock, Florence Madenga, Muira McCammon, Jeanna Sybert and Roopa Vasudevan – present their research conducted over their two-week immersive experience in Denmark. The course, The Ethics of Forgetting, was taught by Jessa Lingel (Annenberg School for Communication) and Annette Markam (Aarhus University).

Digital information is continually being created and circulated, but it is also forgotten, deleted and otherwise lost. Whether from the perspective of journalists, activists, artists or academics, how do we deal with the deletion or loss of media? Where is information archived and what politics guide its organization, curation and erasure? Where do our media live and die? This course began with theories of institutional and individual archiving. It then moved to concepts of remediation and machine learning  to complicate how information travels, data is stored and archives are 'retrieved'. Finally, using case studies of arts-based digital archiving projects, the course focused on the politics of forgetting media.

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