Control Societies Speaker Series: Cindy Tekobbe

"Stoodis: Indigenous Political Identities and Digital Activism"
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01 Apr 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
The Annenberg School

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About the Talk

In their campaign to solve the “Indian Problem,” the federal government in the 19th century abandoned treaties and moved to relocation, isolation, cultural decimation, and genocide as strategies to break native communities and alliances and to colonize territorial lands. In other words, Native Americans have been deliberately isolated in order to perpetually and persistently destabilized Indian peoples, communities and cultures. The structural and historical isolation of indigenous peoples has undermined efforts to build coalitions for fair and just representation for native peoples in public life, particularly for political organizing. With the advent of social and digital media, natives have found new and innovative opportunities to connect across geographical and cultural differences. This emergence provides rich opportunities for research investigating responses to indigenous issues, as well as native resistance networks grounded in social media and digital culture. In this talk, Tekobbe will describe the conditions that perpetuate injustice and undermine self-governance, define key political and governance issues faced by native peoples, and talk through case studies where natives have used networked technologies to resist injustice and move toward self-governance.

About Cindy Tekobbe

Cindy Tekobbe joined the University of Alabama’s Department of English in 2015. Her research interests include rhetorics of gender identities and sexualities, feminisms, cultures, networks and technologies, indigeneities and survivance, and the literacy and cultural practices of digital communities.

Prior to 2015, Dr. Tekobbe taught classes at Arizona State University in ASU’s Department of English, ASU Writing Programs, and ASU’s Herberger School of Arts, Media + Engineering in digital design, digital rhetoric, social media literacy, gender and sexuality, rhetorics of memory and identity, and academic writing and research methods.

Dr. Tekobbe is a career software developer and project manager, specializing in enterprise financial applications and web platforms.

About Control Societies Speaker Series

Control Societies was started as part of the School of Social Policy & Practice’s initiative on Culture, Society, and Critical Policy Studies in order to feature and engage cutting edge scholarship on the enumerating acts of governmentality in computational culture and the incalculable possibilities of justice. For the 2017/2018 academic year, the School of Social Policy & Practice will continue its speaker series in partnership with the Annenberg School for Communication, which produces scholarship on the social, cultural, economic, and political implications of digital information and communication technologies, networks, and systems. Through the speaker series, the organizers aim to explore the philosophical foundations of algorithms, data, and their intersections with governmentality, surveillance, social policy, and the reconfiguring of power relations.

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Additional funding is provided by the Provost Excellence Through Diversity Fund and Price Digital Humanities Lab.

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