The Future of Journalism Beyond Trump

19 Apr 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Room 500, Annenberg School for Communication, 3620 Walnut Street, Philadelphia
Open to the Public

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The Trump administration has demonstrated its hostility towards journalists and has committed to withdrawing federal support for public service broadcasting. Yet public service and local news outlets have long been underfunded in the United States, even though they arguably serve an important civic function. We are left with the question of how to generate organized public concern around building a secure future for journalism as a democratic institution and practice beyond Trump.

What does the frame of journalism as a public good mean for where quality journalism can and should come from in the 21st century? Who will produce public service and local news? What are some potential funding mechanisms? How can we—as scholars, practitioners, and media policy reform advocates—build fertile ground for this journalism? How can we generate public interest and encourage meaningful public participation in these media reform initiatives?

A panel of media studies scholars-practitioners-advocates explores these questions and imagines how to balance the news media ecosystem, drawing on their recently published or forthcoming books: Errol Salamon (co-editor, Journalism in Crisis: Bridging Theory and Practice for Democratic Media Strategies in Canada, University of Toronto Press, 2016), Christopher Ali (Media Localism: The Policies of Place University of Illinois Press, 2017), and Magda Konieczna (Journalism Without Profit: Making News When the Market Fails, Oxford University Press, forthcoming).


Errol Salamon, Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School for Communication; Postdoctoral Fellow (Quebec Research Fund on Society and Culture)

Christopher Ali, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia, Department of Media Studies; CARGC Fellow

Magda Konieczna, Assistant Professor, Temple University, Department of Journalism


Victor Pickard, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School for Communication

Lunch will be served at 11:45 and please note that seating is limited.

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