Queer Internet Studies Workshop

17 Feb 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Institute for Contemporary Art, 118 S. 36th Street, Philadelphia
Invitees Only

QIS2 is the second Queer Internet Studies Symposium, a day long series of conversations, brainstorming sessions, panels, and chats dedicated to broaden thinking about the internet. QIS2 is a space to think about and act on the intersections of technology and media, sexuality and queering, gender and feminism. Rather than a formal conference of people presenting their research, QIS is intended (1) to identify what a queer internet might look like (2) to give a sense of research that’s being done in this area, and (3) to collaborate on artistic, activist and academic projects. The final schedule is still being determined, but we will have a mix of sharing research, making art, and developing an interdisciplinary conversation of what Queer Internet Studies might mean for research, policy, and activist agendas.

Read more about the conference here, on its official website. 

This event is sponsored by the Annenberg School for Communication, the School for Social Policy and Practice, the Alice Paul Center, the Price Lab, the LGBT Center, the History of Art Department and the Gender and Sexuality Reading Group in the English Department, the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication, the Penn Women's Center, the Penn Department of English, and Trinity College.

This event may be photographed and/or video recorded for archival, educational, and related promotional purposes. We also video stream many of these video recordings through the Annenberg web site. By attending or participating in this event, you are giving your consent to be photographed and/or video recorded and you are waiving any and all claims regarding the use of your image by the Annenberg School for Communication. The Annenberg School for Communication, at its discretion, may provide a copy of the photos/footage upon written request.