Amy Jordan publishes commentaries in Philadelphia Inquirer, Newark Star-Ledger, San Francisco Chronicle

Two op-ed articles by Amy Jordan were published this week in newspapers around the country.

The Newark Star-Ledger and the San Francisco Chronicle printed Jordan's commentary on the dangers of "data-mining" by marketers on the popular MySpace and Facebook websites. As young users of MySpace and Facebook reveal more and more information about themselves, marketers are flocking to the sites. "When identity development is carefully watched and intricately manipulated by marketers, then what's in the best interest of the child is pushed aside to make way for what's in the best interest of Rupert Murdoch's shareholders," Jordan wrote.

Friday’s Philadelphia Inquirer carried another Jordan op-ed, urging a gloves-off approach to the language of obesity and food. "Words don't make children fat," wrote Jordan. "But in committing ourselves to fix the problem of childhood obesity, a good first start would be to eliminate the mealy-mouthed words we’re using to talk about food and weight."