Annenberg’s Center for Global Communication Studies Sees Progress on the Media Front in Afghanistan

Center for Global Communication Studies logo at Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Center for Global Communication Studies’ (CGCS) ongoing media strengthening efforts in Afghanistan experienced two success stories recently.

First is the establishment of the Afghanistan Media Defense Lawyers Committee (AMDLC), which provides a forum for legal professionals to advocate for Afghanistan’s media law and defend the right to freedom of expression. Second, on September 19 law students from across Afghanistan participated in the first annual Afghanistan Media Development and Empowerment Media Law Moot Court competition. In a moot court, participating teams analyze a legal problem and conduct extensive research on the relevant laws, culminating in written submissions and the presentation of oral arguments during the preliminary and final rounds of the competition. The initiative is related to an international media law court with strong input from CGCS.

Both of these success stories are outgrowths of CGCS’s Afghanistan Media Development and Empowerment Project (AMDEP). AMDEP is a United States Agency for International Development funded initiative. It comprises a consortium of partner organizations, including CGCS, and was established to support the growth of an independent, robust, and energetic media sector in Afghanistan.

“This effort in Afghanistan builds on CGCS’s ongoing efforts to study and improve media functioning in difficult transition environments,” said Monroe E. Price, Adjunct Full Professor and CGCS Director. “Governance needs in Afghanistan are monumental. We hope this makes a small contribution in the media law and policy area.”