Annenberg at the 2003 International Communication Association

Annenberg graduate students made their presence felt at this year's International Communication Association Conference (May, 2003) in San Diego. Their research covered a breathtaking range of topics in paper presentations, poster sessions and panel discussions.

Receiving the top paper award in the Political Communication Division was "Framing Public Discussion of Gay Civil Unions" by Lilach Nir along with Vincent Price and Joseph Cappella. 

  • Mihaela Popescu and Lemi Baruh presented "Captive Audiences and Unwanted Advertisement: The Construction of Public/Private Borders in Legal Discourse" at a poster session. They also gave a panel presentation on "Freedom of Speech and Segmenting the Citizens."
  • John Edward Campbell, on a panel with Katherine Sender, presented "Consuming Pink Triangles: Surveillance, Gay Marketing, and Online Portals." 
  • Dannagal Goldthwaite presented a paper entitled "Television, Materialism, and Civic Engagement."
  • Lee Humphreys addressed mobile phone usage with “Can you hear me now? The methodological challenges of studying mobile phone usage in public space.”
  • "Romance and Risk: Romantic Attraction and Health Risks in the Process of Relationship Formation" was the topic of Brenda Johnson's presentation of a paper she authored with Martin Fishbein, Michael Hennessy, and Marco Yzer.
  • Bethany Klein delivered MTV News: Glimpsing the Future of News Magazines.
  • Sonho Kim delivered "Opinion Climates and Deliberative Opinion Expression in the Electronic Forum." 
  • Nicole Maurantonio gave two papers: "Sylvia on Sundays, Feminism on Fridays..." to the Feminist Scholarship Division and "Refocusing America: American Society Through the Camera's Lens: 1945-2000 to the Visual Communication Division." 
  • Ji Hoon Park delivered "Contending Identities and Representations: How Do Young Korean Immigrants in Greater Vancouver Talk About Whites, Ethnic Chinese and Koreans Themselves?" 
  • Emily West presented "Capturing Sentiment: Crafting an Ethnographic Approach to Studying Greeting Card Communication." 
  • In the Language and Social Interaction Division, Jennifer R. Horner presented: "and the way it’s worded makes it…: Discursive Co-Construction of Data in a Research Interview." 
  • "Globalization and the Internet: A Research Report" was the subject of the paper Rohitashya Chattopadhyay delivered.