Annenberg CGCS to Launch ICT Project in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Center for Global Communication Studies has been awarded a $250,000  grant from the World Bank’s infoDev program for an 18-month project on capacity-building for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy and regulation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

“The project provides CGCS with the opportunity to expand our work in ICT policy and to build ties with new funders and regional partners,” said Monroe E. Price, Full Adjunct Professor and Director of CGCS.

The program will seek to bring together public officials, regulators, business leaders, and students to strengthen the ICT policymaking and regulatory environment in the ECA region and integrate ICT policy into national development plans. CGCS also will build relationships with universities and civil society groups in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia and other countries to execute the program. 

This objective will primarily be achieved through trainings and workshops. Topics of interest include:

1.  Improving broadband connectivity and mobile applications; 2.  Building capacity for small and media enterprises;
3.  Creating an enabling policy and regulatory environment for broadband markets; and
4.  Best practices for sustainable capacity in the ICT sector.