Delli Carpini Quoted in Baltimore Sun Article About New Ownership at The Wall Street Journal

Michael X. Delli Carpini was interviewed by The Baltimore Sun for an August 5, 2007 story about Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of The Wall Street Journal.

The article says Dean Delli Carpini “'…sees ‘red flags’ in Murdoch’s promise to broaden the appeal of the Journal and increase its profitability. ‘While at first blush these are positive things – who can argue against more readers and more revenues? – the most common way for media conglomerates to achieve these ends often come at the expense of the quality of the news,’ (Delli) Carpini said. ‘In households that receive both, Fox News often has broader appeal than the Lehrer NewsHour, but I would not consider this a step forward in journalism.’”

“’My guess is that if Murdoch succeeds in his promises, it will be at the expense of the journalistic quality of the Journal,’ (Delli) Carpini said. “’If I am wrong, I tip my hat to him.’”