Faculty and Students Present their Research at IAMCR

Annenberg faculty and students presented over one dozen papers during the annual International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) conference in Istanbul, Turkey, July 13 – 17. Below are some of the Annenberg presenters.  

Faculty presentations:  

Marwan M. Kraidy, Professor of Communication  

  • Arab Music Videos: Contention and Circulation in the New Media Environment  
  • Broken Promise: War Nationalism and Sexuality in Arab Music Videos  
  • Bold Red line Patriarchy and Capitalism in the Saudi-Lebanese Media Connection (with Sara Mourad)  
  • Neo-Ottaman Cool: The Rise of Turkey in Arab Media Space (with Omar Al-Ghazzi)      

Barbie Zelizer, Raymond Williams Professor of Communication  

  • Playing to the Familiar When the Local No Longer Connects  
  • Why the Focus on Democracy in Thinking about Journalism Has Created Undemocratic Journalistic Scholarship    

Student presentations:    

Omar Al-Ghazzi  

  • Bab al-Hara Television Series: Nostalgia and the Neighborhood  
  • Neo-Ottaman Cool: The Rise of Turkey in Arab Media Space (With Marwan M. Kraidy)  

Felicity Duncan  

  • Looking Out is Looking In: How Their News Coverage of the Haiti Earthquake Reflects the Fabric of the Nation-States of South Africa, Lebanon, and Hong Kong   

Le Han  

  • Aftershock of Aftershock: The Voices from a Chinese Social Networking Site on Chinese Blockbuster and Collective Memory  
  • Celebrating a Global Chinese New Year: State Media and Global Chineseness    

Rowan Howard-Williams  

  • Science and Media in the Risk Society: Contestation of Scientific Claims about Climate Change    

Lauren Kogen  

  • Celebrity Journalists: Or, What Happens When Angelina Tries to Teach Us About Darfur    

Jin Woo Kim  

  • Countries on YouTube: Participation, influence, and information flows    

Sara Mourad  

  • Triumph of Concealment: The Politics of Murals in Post-Revolutionary Iran and Mexico    

Sandra Ristovska  

  • Challenging a Past: Cityscape, Aesthetics, and Collective Memory    

Khadijah White  

  • Tea’d Off: Media and the Rise of the 21st Century Tea Party