Annenberg Presentations at the 2012 American Public Health Association Conference

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Annenberg students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty presented their research during the American Public Health Association conference in San Francisco. 



Susan Mello, Andy Tan, Katrina Armstrong, J. Sanford Schwartz, Robert C. Hornik

Anxiety and depression among cancer survivors: The role of engagement with sources of emotional support information

Susan Mello

Public health campaigns to reduce risks associated with indoor air pollution: The canary in the American home.

Dina Shapiro

What will people think of me? Measuring the anticipated risk of disease related stigma

Andy Tan, Mihaela Moldovan-Johnson, Stacy W. Gray, Robert C. Hornik, Katrina Armstrong

An analysis of the relationship between cancer-related information seeking and adherence to breast cancer surveillance procedures after curative treatment

Andy Tan

War against cancer – A content analysis of the use of militaristic metaphors in cancer-related news articles