Annenberg Professors Cappella and Price Awarded NIH Grant

The National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health has awarded Annenberg Professors Joseph N. Cappella, Ph.D., the Gerald R. Miller Professor of Communication, and Vincent E. Price, Ph.D., the Steven H. Chaffee Professor of Communication and Political Science, and Associate Provost, University Pennsylvania, a $1,254,326 grant for a three-year project regarding genetic research. Professors Cappella and Price are co-PIs for the project, “Public Opinion Deliberation and Decision-making about Genetics Research” (R01HG004318-01).

The project will study four issues: (1) the changing nature of public opinion about issues surrounding genes, disease, and genetics research as it takes shape through public discourse and deliberation; (2) the impact of information framing on opinions about uses of genetic data, including privacy, data sharing, racial and genetic discrimination, and informed consent; (3) public decision making in the context of authentic choice scenarios related to genetic medicine and research; and (4) predictive factors shaping citizens’ intentions to participate in genetics research, including emotional factors, and anticipated positive and negative consequences. The transdisciplinary research will involve researchers at the University of Pennsylvania from genetic medicine, bioethics, behavioral genetics, psychiatry, and law.