Annenberg School students and faculty present work at 2006 International Communication Association conference

At this year's International Communication Association conference in Dresden, Germany, 36 Annenberg School Ph.D. students presented their work, with 45 total presentations.

Four students received top divisional paper honors:
Mary Bock, for "Gates Wide Open: Video Feeds, Camera Pools, and Political Image Regulation"
Bruce Hardy, for "Priming 'Strong Leader:' The Attribute Agenda-Setting Function of Political Advertisements During the 2004 Campaign"
Oren Livio, for "Reds, White and Blue: Dialectically Constructing Zionism through the Communist Other in the Israeli Press"
Jeffrey D. Niederdeppe, for "Stylistic Features, Need for Sensation, and Confirmed Recall of National Anti-Tobacco Media Campaign Advertisements"

ASC faculty members attending this year's conference included: Joseph Cappella, Michael X. Delli Carpini, Martin Fishbein, Robert Hornik, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Elihu Katz, Klaus Krippendorff, Diana Mutz, Monroe Price, Vincent Price, Katherine Sender, Joseph Turow, and Barbie Zelizer.

For a full list of presentations, visit the conference website at