Annenberg Scores "Level 3" in Penn Green Office Program


The Annenberg School for Communication has achieved a “Level 3” rating from the Penn Green Office program initiative, the second-highest ranking achievable, and indicates significant accomplishments with respect to how the school scores when compared to a set of green benchmarks.  

“Everyone at the Annenberg School should be proud of this accomplishment and what it means for Penn’s overall green initiatives,” said Michael X. Delli Carpini, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Walter H. Annenberg Dean.  “It’s tangible evidence of the ASC community’s commitment to environmental sustainability in the work we do.”  

Several categories are measured by the Green Office program.  Here are some highlights of how Annenberg did.

  • Waste – the school set double-sided printing as a default on all office computers, and placed a visual prompt on the copy machines to remind people to double-side print.  The school also implemented a number of electronic reports rather than using paper-based systems, and has unsubscribed from print copies of the Penn Almanac and other publications, as necessary. NewsLink, the school and alumni magazine, is now published online.  
  • Purchasing - the school created a comprehensive inventory of office and other consumable supplies to avoid over-ordering. All paper products purchased contain a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer waste product.  
  • Energy consumption and conservation – the school identified parts of the building where heating and air conditioning can be cut back. All computers we set for a sleep mode when not in use, and turns off lights whenever and wherever possible.  

Involvement – the school scored very well in the survey for having an active sustainability coordinator and Green Team.  

One recent achievement that significantly helped the school’s green efforts was the clean out of offices in the third floor faculty wing of the building, which is undergoing a renovation this summer.  Every ceiling tile, light bulb, and electrical fixture on the third floor has been preserved and recycled.  Additionally, all furniture moved out of the third floor has been donated; none has gone to a landfill.